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Línea ética clínica para cáncer en Medellín
Línea ética Clínica de Oncología Astorga

The Ethics Line of the Astorga Oncology Clinic is a space designed to strengthen the security of our institution through the implementation of a secure channel to report any situation or irregularity that violates the code of good governance, ethics, policies, principles and values of the company.

The first thing you should know is that these lines are a system of anonymous complaints and managed through a third party. In other words, a person who needs to report an event that is controversial or someone who has suspicions of an illegal activity allows them to have guarantees to provide data, which will be analyzed and taken into account in favor of a safe environment.

This Line allows the Astorga Oncology Clinic to be aware of possible indiscipline problems, since genuine complaints can be reported, which generates greater confidence in all our employees, suppliers, strategic allies, patients, users and different interest groups. that they know that they will be able to report inconsistencies and that they will be heard when they need it.

Our Ethics Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through different channels: telephone line, website and email.


It is important that you know that this Line does not process complaints related to the provision of health services. Please refer to the Requests, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions (PQRS) option.

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