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X-ray Carestream

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The digital radiography system, which is handled in the area of diagnostic images, has several advantages, not only for the personnel who operate the equipment, but also for the patient. Among these advantages we can perceive its wide versatility, great freedom of movement and image quality, important characteristics that help increase efficiency during the care process. Here are some of its benefits:  

  • Thanks to the software that manages and incorporates the DRX ASCEND fixed X-ray equipment, it can capture an image with the minimum possible noise, giving the specialist greater ease in detecting anatomical anomalies and guaranteeing a better diagnosis. 

  • Due to the versatility it provides in table movements, patients of any size and weight will be safe and comfortable.

  • This flat surface design makes it easy to transfer the patient from stretcher to equipment.

  • Hardware and software options streamline workflow.

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