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State-of-the-art equipment allows us

be more effective in your treatment, get to know them!

Linear Accelerator: Radixact Radiation Therapy X9

Within the diagnostic imaging service we have one of the best linear accelerator technologies in the country, through which it is possible to perform radiotherapy on cancer patients, reducing the probability of damaging non-cancerous cells. 

Right now we have the Radixact machine that handles a fine line X-ray and a unique high-speed multi-blade collimator that helps integrate the X-rays while using rapid real-time imaging to deliver treatments. to patients. 

During treatment delivery, the linear accelerator completes multiple 360° rotations around the patient as the stretcher passes through the system's port, initiated with a single turn of the operator console key. 

In addition, it has a Synchrony system, which allows more precise extracranial radiosurgery to be performed and where the movement of the tumor is involved, with millimeter precision and protecting the surrounding organs. PGo deeper into this interesting procedure in our podcastFirst extracranial radiosurgery in Latin America.

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