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The latest technology equipment allows us to be more effective in your treatment, get to know them!

Mammography: Hologic 3Dimensions Mammography System


The mammography equipment is a high-performance ergonomic system that has the ability to generate digital images that help diagnose breast cancer, among its advantages we find: 

  • It allows the capture of clear images that facilitate the visualization and interpretation of these. 

  • It has an innovative technology of tomosynthesis (3D) that uses minimum doses of X-rays to capture images from different angles. Additionally, this gives radiologists the ability to identify and characterize individual breast structures, without the confusion of overlapping tissue. 

  • The X-ray tube used by the equipment for 2D imaging reduces radiation dose to patients by up to 30%, while maintaining excellent image quality and contrast. 

  • The system incorporates within each reading the data on the exposure technique, patient dose, exposure index, compression, thickness, among other important data, which help to control and correctly record the health of the patient undergoing the exam.

Learn more about this innovative team in our podcastHologic 3Dimensions Mammography System.

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