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The latest technology equipment allows us to be more effective in your treatment, get to know them!


Taking into account the need to make an appropriate diagnosis for our patients, the Astorga Oncology Clinic opens its new diagnostic imaging service in the second semester of 2022 with state-of-the-art technology, which delivers clearer and easier-to-view images. and interpret by our specialists, with this we have managed to reduce the risk of providing a wrong analysis and increase the possibility of providing the patient with a more appropriate treatment according to their pathology. 

In addition, we have the advanced PACS software, linked to the cloud, which allows digital storage, distribution, reading, transmission and download of DICOM or radiological images.

Currently, we have highly complex biomedical equipment such as:

Within the diagnostic imaging service we have one of the best technologies in linear accelerators in the country and Latin America, through which it is possible to perform radiotherapy on cancer patients, reducing the probability of damaging non-cancerous cells.


Computerized axial tomography is one of the most widely used methods to perform medical diagnoses through images, the system allows a wider visual field by using a monitored X-ray source that rotates around the patient.


We joined the leader in medical technology Hologic, a house that is one step ahead in mammography, and we have the 3Dimensions Mammography System, which provides the best results and is unique in Colombia. It was built on the world's number one system for 3D mammography and is clinically proven.


Our ultrasound machine has specialized software that increases the resolution and quality of the image, facilitating the specialist the medical diagnosis that will be given to the patient.

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The digital radiography system, which is used in the area of diagnostic images, has various advantages:  we can perceive its wide versatility, great freedom of movement and image quality

The latest technology equipment is located in the basement of the Torre Médica Salud Vegas, including the Radixact Radiation Therapy X9 linear accelerator with Synchrony system and the Hologic 3Dimensions Mammography System. 

The first is called the "Ferrari" of accelerators, there are only nine in the world,ours is the only asset in Latin America. 

the second teamis the only one in Colombia, assures the patient up to 45% less exposure to radiation, the quality of the image increases the possibility of early detection of tumors by 65%.

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