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The latest technology equipment allows us to be more effective in your treatment, get to know them!

Somatom Go Sim  


At present, we find that computerized axial tomography is one of the most widely used methods to perform medical diagnoses through images, because this system allows a wider visual field by using a monitored x-ray source that rotates around the patient. which is positioned inside the circular opening of the thread-shaped structure. 

Therefore, the Astorga Oncology Clinic decides to bet on the acquisition of this state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing our patients a timely and reliable diagnosis, within this method we find the following characteristics: 

  • The SIEMENS tomography system has a new mobile workflow called Go With Green, designed to provide operational staff with ease of use in each patient setup process. 

  • The tomograph has the DirectOrgans software for the contouring of organs at risk, improving the identification of the perimeter and shape of the organs through a specialized image reconstruction algorithm. 

  • It contains Direct Intelligent 4D technology, which adapts the acquisition of images to the movement that is generated in real time by the patients' breathing. 

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