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Pre-surgical care and preparation

  • Take the usual medicines with a little water. If they are medicines to control diabetes such as insulins or metformin, do not take them. 

  • For the procedure it is necessary to fast for 8 hours, therefore, you can eat until 10 pm the day before, then you can only take the medicines with a little water.

  • In the area where you are going to be operated on, do not apply creams, powders or ointments, do not wax or shave during the previous week to avoid infections. 

  • Do not apply makeup to the face or nails, if they are acrylic nails, they must be clean and short on the hands and feet. 

  • Agree with the person who will accompany you to the procedure the date and time so that they have time available throughout the process.

  • If you use removable dental prosthesis, bring a place to store it to give it to the companion. 

  • Do not bring jewelry such as earrings, rings, piercings, chains, slaves, bracelets, among others, to your surgery. If you wear them, you must give them to your companion prior to entering the service. 

  • Do not take your cell phone, tablet and other valuables to your surgery. If you do take them, you must give them to your companion. 

  • Devices such as contact lenses, hearing aids or other prostheses must be removed prior to entering the operating room and given to your companion. 

  • In some procedures special preparations are required such as: colon preparation, pre-surgical baths with a special soap.

  • The month prior to your procedure, avoid the consumption of psychoactive substances, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

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