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Urinary tract tomography

  1. UROTAC is simple, you can take it orally without restrictions. If it is contrasted, you must have a 6-hour fasting period.

  2. One (1) hour before the exam you should drink 5 to 6 glasses of water (1 liter) and not eliminate (must have a full bladder).

  3. You should not urinate 4 hours prior to performing the UROTAC.

  4. Do not wear metallic elements or jewelry that interfere with the images.

  5. You must remove your glasses and dentures.

  6. If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, the diagnostic aid staff should be informed.

  7. You must attend the exam with a companion who is of legal age, who has available time and is receptive to receiving the information and recommendations.

  8. You must present: medical order, clinical history, previous radiological studies, authorization from the EPS or insurer.


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