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Pleural biopsy
  • Bring the  Complete medical history and previous related studies.

  • Bring the result of the complete blood count and coagulation tests less than 15 days after being performed.

  • Fast 6 hours. In case the procedure is in the afternoon, you can drink aromatic or panela water with cookies 6 hours before the procedure.

  • You can take the medications you take for your underlying diseases, except anticoagulant medications (warfarin, rivaroxaban, enoxaparins, apixaban, among others), these medications must have the approval of your treating physician to suspend them and submit the medical history in which the specialist Provide recommendations for drug suspension and restart.

  • Report if you take natural medicines, this in order to verify that they do not interfere with coagulation and avoid possible bleeding.

  • If you have treatment with prophylactic thrombus medications such as: ASA or  low molecular weight heparin, you should ask your treating doctor when to stop and restart the drug.

  • You must attend with comfortable clothing and easy removal.

  • You must attend with a mask, if you or your companion have respiratory symptoms, please do not attend the appointment.

  • Come 20 minutes before the appointment.

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