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The day of your surgery

•Arrive two hours before the scheduled time of surgery. 

• Come with a companion of legal age and not older than 60 years. 

• Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove and put on.

• Bring the medical history related to the procedure with the exams, diagnostic images such as: ultrasound, tomography, resonances, among others.

•Upon arrival at the clinic, present your identity document. 

•For that day it is necessary that you take a bath that includes the head and the entire body. 

•It is necessary that you do not use makeup on your face or nails, if you have false eyelashes, it is prudent to remove them or keep in mind that they can fall off during anesthesia. 

•Avoid applying creams, powders, ointments and other substances on the skin. 

•Inform the staff that receives you in the surgery service if you have known allergies, what medications you take and all the information related to the evolution of your health. 

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