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The PAIC is in charge of facilitating your procedures during your recovery.

What is the PAIC and what does it look for? Your services and management of orders derived from the query

Why is the PAIC important?

Follow-up of patients from the PAIC

The Comprehensive Care Program for patients with Cancer offers a comprehensive care model through adequate coordination centered on the user, favoring quality, timeliness, and relevance in treatment for patients and increasing their satisfaction, including Cancer Services Insurers. Health and Third Party Payers, improving the competitiveness of the company in the environment as a functional unit in light of the new laws. 


  • Offer Health Services Insurers and Third Party Payers an attractive option that allows comprehensive patient care in a pertinent, safe and continuous manner, guaranteeing the quality of service and treatment stipulated in the management guides.


  • Promote unified and agreed therapeutic behaviors for the management of cancer patients. 


  • Streamline procedures and favor the timely start of treatments, avoiding reprocessing and loss of time.


  • Monitor and control the evolution of the patient's disease, the treatments received and the adverse events derived from them. 


  • Carry out the analysis of the information generated, which allows the traceability of the data and facilitates the investigation processes.


  • Serve as continuous support to specialists, national or international patients and their families. 


  • Offer continuing education to the patient and their family.


  • Lead the Early Detection Program for Breast Cancer.


  • Lead the Active Search Program for Patients with a Tumor Diagnosis  de Novo.


  • Being part of the reference and counter-reference service in contact with  insurers.


  • Serve as support to the Research Unit in the process of detection and recruitment of potential candidates for research studies and for the follow-up of the subjects and detection of adverse events. 


  • Ensure the most appropriate means to meet the needs of users regarding quality, administrative, legal, technical-scientific conditions, rates, schedules, rights and duties in social security as part of user support management. 

Find here information about the Comprehensive Care Program for cancer patients

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