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Seguridad del paciente Clínica de Oncología Astorga

Patient safety, our priority

Patient safety, our priority
What is patient safety?

Patient safety refers to the reduction and prevention of harm associated with medical care. This includes the identification of potential risks and the implementation of measures to prevent errors and adverse events in medical care.


It focuses on improving the quality of medical care, preventing injuries, and promoting safe clinical practices. It also involves effective communication between members of the health care team and patients, as well as active patient participation in decision-making related to their health care. In short, patient safety seeks to ensure that patients receive safe, effective, and high-quality medical care at all times.

Why is patient safety very important in health institutions?

These are measures and procedures that are put in place to ensure that patients receive safe, high-quality care. Here we explain why they are essential:

to. Protect your health and well-being: patient safety actions are intended to protect your health and well-being during any procedure or treatment you receive. These measures ensure that all possible complications or risks are taken into account and that the necessary steps are taken to minimize them in order to avoid any adverse events.

b. Improve the quality of care: By implementing patient safety actions, the institution ensures that you receive high-quality medical care and that proper procedures are followed. This involves making sure procedures are followed, such as using medications safely, checking for any allergies or pre-existing conditions you may have, continually validating your identification, avoiding care-associated infections, and conducting screenings. and adequate follow-ups to minimize errors and ensure safe and effective care.

c. Increase confidence as a patient: When you know steps are being taken to ensure your safety and well-being, you feel more confident and secure in the care you are receiving.

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